Super Mario Plush Toys!

Super Mario Plush Toys!

Sep 30th 2022

Super Mario Plush Toys are Here! 

Check out these super fun Super Mario plushies! 

  • You've got everybody's favorite plumber, Mario, in different suits! Of course, there is the original we know and love, Mario in his red hat, blue overalls, and big brown shoes! But also, there is Mario in a yellow cat suit, introduced in the Super Mario 3D World videogame, which he can transform into by using a Super Bell!
  • Watch out!  Koopa Shell incoming! This Red Koopa Shell Plush is great fun! Good luck to all those that cross it's path!
  • Uh Oh! Look out for that Banana Peel! Better not slip!
  • Yoshis are here as well! Classic green Yoshi and a cool blue Yoshi! Ready to take Mario on an adventure to save the princess!
  • Of course we have Toad! Dressed in his classic garb!
  • Last but certainly not least, we have Cat Luigi! Can't forget about Luigi!

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